Dr. Sarah Liew's Education and Accolades

Dr. Sarah Liew's Education 

Doctorate Degrees & Special Education  

*Harvard Business School Online (2019-2021)

Major: Certified completed many courses including  Leadership Principal, Entrepreneur  Essential, Venture    Capital, and Global Business (Online)


*Harvard Graduate School of Education Leadership Program with Harvard Business School online (2019-2021)

Major: Certified completed many courses 7-12K School Management & Leadership Program, Leading School, Leading People and Leading change (Online)

*Enrolled and studying Harvard Kennedy School of Government PLC (Public Leadership Credential) program (2021)

Major Study: Public Policy= Policy Design and Delivery: A Systematic Approach

*Studied JD Doctoral Program from Abraham Lincoln Law School ( 2001 ~2002)


*Studied Political Legislation from UCLA (2019),


*Graduated Pacific Law School LDA & Paralegal Program (2013)​

Dr. Liew & Abraham Lee (Husband)

at Harvard University 

Master degrees and special educations 

*Finished Master of Business Administration at Pacific State University (2003-2004)


*Studied MBA/CPA account & finance from the University of California, Berkeley ( 2004-2005)


*Studied for the Entrepreneurial Courses and received Entrepreneurial Achievement from

University Southern California  (2007-2008)  

*Graduated Anyang Graduate School of  Theology Master Theology ( Th.M.) (1995)


*Finished Master Education at Calvin College (1996-1998) 

*Adminited Cal State Long Beach study ELS/ English Literature(1995)

​Bachelor degrees and special educations 

*Graduated Calvin Theology School Bachelor Theology USA (1997)

*Graduated from Tea Han Theology School Bachelor Theology Seoul Korea (1994)

*Graduated American Nursing College AAA Nursing programs the USA (1998)

*Graduated Korean American Nurse Association RN examination class ( 1998)  


​*Graduated from Saint Mother Nursing College  AAA Nursing programs from Seoul Korea (1989)

*Studied YJ University of Bachelor of English Literature (1994)

*Studied at Sudo Interpretation School Korea and Neo Interpretation School USA

*Studied Pacific University CBEST  Courses & Computer Science & Engineering

Dr. Sarah Liew's Accolades

Business Experiences ( 1996-2021)

*CEO of MPS Merchant Service Group

 & Meridian Payment System

-Owner & President of ISO Office partnership with Worldpay by FIS( Fortune 500 company) NPC, Vantiv 

-Owner & President of ISO Office partnership with Bank of America, First Data independent, Chase bank( Chase Paymentech), Wells Fargo Bank, North America Bankcard & First data with Wells Fargo bank, Harbor touch POS


*CEO/ Principal of Meridian Institute of Technology University

*CEO & Owner of Meridian Beverly Hills Realty and Management & Liberty Finance since 1997 and worked as ISO owner at the Berkshire Hathaway Beverly Hills ( 2011-2014) 


*CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Investment Legal Group & CEO of Global Immigration Services, and Dr. Sarah Sun Liew legal Office since 2013



Nonprofit Organization (1987-2021)

*CEO of Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish foundation since 2015 &  CEO of Christian Business Owner's Association since 2009 

*CEO/ Senior Pastor of Global Jesus Mission Church and Global Leadership Center since 2018

*Worked as Sunday School Director/ Part-time Second-Generation Education Pastor of Sunday School

at Mijo Peace Church, Elim Church, Calling Mission Church, Calvary Church, and Holy Mountain Church from 1990 to 2010

Education Organization (1990-1997)

*To-Song Academy for college entrance academic high-school students English & SAT instructor

*Samsung Language School for college entrance academic high-school students English & SAT instructor

*English & Mathematics teacher at Ensoul Academy for elementary, middle school students

*Hansoul Academy for elementary, middle school students

*Haidy afternoon school English teacher for K-12  

*Founder Free Adult School and  gave free lecture of English 

Medical Staff ( 1988-1995 & 1997-1998)

*Worked as intern medical staff in the operating room, delivery room & intensive care unit...,  at Bang Ji General Hospital in Korea

*Worked for top 10 universities hospital, part-time short term medical staff & ministry staff  winter and summer vacation during academic life 

*Worked for medical staff at Crenshaw hospital in the USA (1997-1998).

Doctorate Degrees & Special Education  

*Graduated D.B.A ( Doctor Business Administration) from Pacific State University. (2006) 

 Major study International Trade E-commerce & Finance, and International Law & Policy ​

*Graduated Postdoctoral PH.D. Degree in Sales & Marketing (2013)

Major study Non-profit management and Cause Relationship Marketing

*Graduated Second Postdoctoral PH.D. Degree for Biblical Preaching from Newburgh College(2019) ​

Major study Jesus leadership and biblical preaching, and writing dissertation for comparative of Jesus leadership speech and political leadership speech 

*Studied at Fuller Theology School Korean Dcotor Ministry Offered Program ( 2017) 

*Received over 30 certified or licensed professional specialists in real estate, mortgage, factory, international trade, legal, e-commerce, finance, banking during working with professionals in the field as CEO of IT global banking business, real estate, and legal immigration service companies. 

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