The American economy is the lifeblood of the world economy. Americans deserve an economy that is as strong and resilient as they are. However, in recent years, the far left in this country has sought to punish American workers and businesses with onerous taxes and regulations.

Such burdens do not help our economy or the American worker. Sarah recognizes that we need less government and fewer taxes, and as your Representative will work to make that happen. Sarah also believes that economic recovery must be our number-one priority in the aftermath of COVID-19, which did long-term damage to California’s infrastructure, particularly its restaurant and tourism sectors.


As your representative, gaining back the losses suffered during the lockdown will be Sarah’s utmost priority. She will work with entities and individuals in both the public and private sectors to make that a reality. 


Sarah believes job creation to be vital to a healthy, stable American economy. As the CEO of Meridian Legal Business Investment Wish Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, Sarah worked with more than 500 educational entrepreneurs to devise ways to create jobs for American workers.


She also served as the CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Realty & Management Company. She holds over 30 certifications in real estate brokerage, investment, mortgage, and law and believes in education to lift people out of poverty and give them a better life.


This includes the retraining of workers, the alleviation of student loan debt for students seeking work, helping unskilled workers entering the workforce for the first time, and assisting the elderly and retired with finding part-time work.


She has promised that, if elected, she will introduce a bill in the House offering a tax credit to companies that decide to hire new employees. As your representative, the creation of jobs will be one of her top priorities.


As an entrepreneur and CEO of several companies, Sarah values American entrepreneurs and believes them to be vital to our economy.


This means creating well-paying middle-class jobs, creating entrepreneurial support centers and start-up companies, granting tax credits for education and for seniors, and alleviating poverty within the community.


Sarah has not just the desire to see these things happen, but the necessary experience necessary for making them happen, an experience that would be highly useful in the United States Congress.


Sarah believes that education is a right and that it is vital to one’s success in life, without which a person’s life will be much poorer…in all respects.


Herself a lifelong learner, and studied three master's and four doctoral degree programs and holding DBA and two post-doctoral Ph.D. degrees and included studies at Harvard Business School and Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she studied Entrepreneurship, Leadership Principal, School Management Leadership, and Global Business more, Sarah has seen firsthand the value of education, and its power to change lives.


Sarah also is an advocate for school choice and vouchers to make sure people from disadvantaged communities have the chance to get a quality education at a school of their choice.


Sadly, in the last few decades, the American health care system has shown itself to be in bad need of new thinking and approaches.


Sarah believes these badly needed reforms can be accomplished first and foremost by taking health care out of the hands of employers, to whom Americans’ medical care has been tied for far too long, and instead allowing consumers themselves to choose which insurance program is right for them and most suitable to their needs. People can choose a car, life, and homeowner’s insurance on the private market—why not health insurance?


Sarah also believes Health Savings Accounts should be made available to every citizen, and that hospitals should be required to publish their prices instead of keeping patients and their loved ones in the dark about the bill they will soon face for medical services.


As your representative, Sarah will fight to make these and other innovative health care ideas government policy.



As a first-generation immigrant from Korea, Sarah knows from personal experience the obstacles many immigrants face upon arriving in American.


Fortunately, she has been able to put these experiences to use in very substantive ways, since she entered JD doctoral program in 2001, she started working intern in law form and nonprofit legal services field including immigration, business law family law, in 2013 when she became CEO of consultation and legal firm that helped many immigrants navigate the perils, obstacles, and frustrations of being a new arrival in the United States.


While today’s far-left decry all immigration rules as unnecessary and advocate for the unfettered universal right of movement, “open borders” and “sanctuary cities,” Sarah believes in LEGAL immigration, a position reinforced by her many years of direct experience in the field.


These experiences will govern her judgments on all such issues and decisions as your Congressional Representative.



Sarah is well-positioned to make vital decisions related to international trade and America’s trading status with other nations through her background of studied DBA of international trade and commerce and finance.


She had experienced run a global IT banking company processing merchant services over 147 counties. Being backed by a lifetime of international business and world-class education experience, Sarah believes global trade is vital to the U.S. economy. She also believes that international trade must be fair.


This means holding China and other nations accountable for abusing American companies and the theft of American intellectual property and doing everything possible to make sure that as many goods as possible bear the stamp MADE IN AMERICA on their packaging. As your representative, Sarah will do all in her power to keep American trade free and fair.

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Real estate is part of California’s lifeblood. Without over 30 certifications in real estate brokerage, investment, mortgage, and law, as well as many years as the CEO & broker of a real estate company, Sarah knows very well how to navigate this vital and often unpredictable field.


This includes rent controls, crowd-capacity rules, zoning, and property owner income loss due to eviction and vacancy. Sarah believes these issues need to be updated in order to stay up with the changing times.


She is also a believer in the need for an insurance program for high-risk tenants that will protect property owners in the event of default, eviction, or property damage.



Sarah remains committed to California’s seniors. Throughout her life, she has been active in senior-citizen awareness programs, particularly where housing and jobs are concerned.


Of particular concern to her is finding job opportunities for the vast numbers of highly qualified, well-educated professional retirees who exist in California, and in the 33rd district, as well as to be sure they have affordable housing. Should Sarah be elected to Congress, she has promised to sponsor a bill that would reward retirees for staying in California, instead of fleeing to another state.


She will also offer legislation to improve extant medical plans in light of Medicare’s ever-evolving nature. As a lifelong worker in various health care fields, Sarah believes her experience in this regard would be invaluable as she fights for California’s seniors.



Homelessness in California has reached crisis proportions. In some state areas, the homeless' camps have grown large enough to constitute their own communities, presenting our state with one of its greatest and most pressing quality-of-life challenges.


As a pastor and lifelong advocate for the poor and the indigent, Sarah believes it is vital that government remain engaged with the poor's plight and ensure that every Californian has proper housing.


This will require a redoubled effort to provide education and vocational training and drug-rehabilitation and mental health services. To this end, Sarah is an advocate for what she likes to refer to as the “homeless support & prevention centers program,” help homeless are looking for a home and a job that can be supported through this program and prevent homelessness.


This center program mainly supports prevention through job creation program, business start-up education, and creating policy to avoid becoming homeless due to the lost job, divorce, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. 

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As an environmentally conscious Republican, Sarah is committed to the research, development, and implementation of green energy and green products.


Among her concerns is decreasing pollution, which has been among California’s top killers, particularly for those living in urban areas.


She also supports the creation of clean-energy jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number 1 and number 2 fastest-growing occupations are solar-wind installers and wind-turbine service technicians.


Such statistics portend a windfall of new jobs and added wealth for California, already one of the greenest states in the country, and as your representative, Sarah will do all she can to continue to make our state’s green dreams a reality.



Sarah believes that an inherent part of America’s greatness is its dedication to military and armed services personnel. Without them, America would not exist. Sarah believes our men and women in uniform must be cared for, and that their needs—medical, financial, educational, etc.—should be among the foremost of government priorities.


Sarah is also concerned about the creeping poverty, unemployment rates, homelessness, and increasing suicides of American veterans, and as your representative will do everything in her power to be sure that our veterans are taken care of.


Whether it be health care, education, housing, entrepreneurial, and small-business support, Californians can rest assured that the needs of our veterans will never be far from Sarah’s mind. Sarah is also committed to VA reform, assistance for veterans with combat-related injuries and illnesses, financial and lending assistance for veterans, and suicide prevention.


Sarah will propose a new policy that helps veterans receive treatment not only at veterans' hospitals but also get medical treatment in any hospital.



In the early months of 2020, the world was shaken by the arrival of a mysterious virus from China. Since then, the virus has ravaged the United States and the world, shaking the economy and riveting the country to its core, sewing division, and discord along the way.


Sarah believes the solution to the COVID crisis is to develop a strong vaccine that will inhibit a resurgence of the virus in the future. She also believes Democrat politicians need to get out of the way and stop trying to exploit the crisis for their own political gain.


Finally, she believes China’s role in the spread of COVID must be investigated and punished. Please see her propose policy for covid-19 RESTORATION & RELIEF Click here  



Sarah is a proud supporter and admirer of President Donald J. Trump, and of the M.A.G.A. agenda. Contrary to what his critics claim, Donald Trump is a self-made man and a true American success story.


She also believes it’s clear from the evidence that Donald Trump certainly knows what he’s doing as our President, with a long track record of accomplishments to prove it. As your representative, you can rest assured that she will support the President whenever she feels his policies and proposals are right for the people of California!  


As an immigrant, Sarah is proud to be an American. She believes that America is special in the family of nations and that American Greatness must be fought for in order to preserve the blessings of freedom and liberty for future generations. Sarah stands for our flag, kneels before God.



In recent years, due to inept and corrupt Democrat leadership, California has seen a massive exodus of talent as residents flee to other states to escape high taxes, excessive government, and general dysfunction. Such brain drain does not portend a bright future for our state.


Sarah believes in keeping California great, by cutting taxes and regulation, and in the responsible policing and maintenance of our streets.



Sarah is pro-life and believes that every human life is valuable and made in the image of God.


She opposes abortion-on-demand in all forms, and will never vote to support them, a position that, unlike many in today’s Republican Party, Sarah has no problem maintaining.


Sarah does not support Roe v Wade or accept it as “settled law,” the left’s (and some Republicans) favored euphemism for excusing the practice of abortion and trying to reduce the entire issue to legalese.


Neither does she support federal funding for abortions, via Planned Parenthood or any other entity. As your next United States Congresswoman, these convictions will govern her vote on all issues related to the rights of the unborn, including the selection and confirmation of federal judges.

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As a believer in both God and science, Sarah believes it is clear from extant evidence that the climate of our earth is changing, and that we, as stewards of nature and of our planet, must do whatever possible to ensure that our planet is a safe and livable place for future generations.


In addition to creating and deploying new green technology, such as solar and wind, Sarah believes that we all must take responsibility for decreasing the size of our own carbon footprint, including Democrat politicians and celebrities who so often talk the talk of a clean environment but do not walk the walk: living large, supporting huge homes, automobiles and pleasure craft, and flying around in non-green airplanes on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.


Sarah believes such limousine liberalism to be hypocritical, and that we all must take responsibility for sharing—and saving—our planet.



At present, crime is on the rise and lawless gangs of rioters and looters roam the streets of America’s greatest cities, ransacking and destroying at will.


Sarah believes a zero-tolerance policy toward crime and professional agitation is needed if America is to continue to be a strong, safe country.


That means punishing violent agitators who steal, loot, and destroy property—not punishing law-abiding citizens who attempt to defend their property, such as the McCloskeys in Missouri, who defended their property against an angry mob and were charged by the police!.


As your representative, Sarah will never support such lunatic policies, and will always come down on the side of law and order.



Sarah supports the Second Amendment and the constitutional right to bear arms.


Sarah will never support any policy as your representative that makes it harder to legally purchase or possess a firearm.


She does not support gun control.


However, she does support universal background checks.


In recent months there has been a groundswell of anti-police fervor in the United States.


In some instances, police have even been the victims of violence.


Sarah respects our men and women in blue and will do everything in her power to keep the police funded and active on the streets in our communities. 



Sarah respects every life and believes that every human being is equal in the sight of God.


She also believes in equality for minority populations and African Americans, who are too often singled out for mistreatment and discrimination.


However, Sarah does not support BLM as a group, as they are an avowedly Marxist organization.


Sarah does not believe that believing in equality requires Marxism—ever.



Sarah, like the vast majority of Americans, is steadfastly opposed to socialism.


She has seen the devastating effects of socialist policies in practice in California and throughout the world and believes that it has no place in American life.


Sarah will never support policies that put the state before people, and that put the Government over God. As your representative, you can count on it!



As a pastor and Christian, Sarah is a strong supporter of the state of Israel. Not only does she accept Israel’s right to exist, she believes that support for Israel must continue to be part of America’s commitment to freedom and free nations.


Sarah is particularly concerned about the creeping anti-Semitism within the Democrat Party and the recent spate of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish comments by the U.S.


Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, and the Democrat Party’s refusal to condemn Omar’s remarks. As your representative, not only will Sarah be a steadfast supporter of Israel and will denounce anti-Semitism wherever she finds it—including the United States Congress.


Sarah is also proud of President Donald Trump’s historic Middle East peace deal between Israel and its neighbors and will do everything she can as your representative to continue that legacy.

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Coming from a region of the world where freedom of speech and press are rarely guaranteed, Sarah values everyone’s right to express themselves in whatever way they wish.


She is fond of Voltaire’s quote that though she might disagree with someone’s opinion, she will always fight for their right to say it. That’s why she does not support cancel culture and its cult of political correctness and moral vanity, and will not advocate for such as your representative.


Speaking one’s mind is fundamentally American—canceling everyone who disagrees with you is not!

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