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How are you today? Thanks for your interest in Dr. Sarah Sun Liew's campaign and your endless support. She would share about what was motivation to runs office through her life experience? And issues she plans to resolve. 

1. Stop God's tears and His people's tears, and fight American Justice and Poverty


Homeless life desperately on the bloody and starved streets and she shed countless tears like a human heart, and during prayer time she saw God's tears as well as the tears of homeless people. 

She has found that working hard doesn't change the world. America now needs honest politicians who can work to make America justice and end poverty. 

2. Supporting rebuild California during a pandemic


She runs three for-profit and three nonprofit companies in California, supporting many businesses and creating jobs. Every day, she has seen more companies suffer and go bankrupt from the COVID-19 effect, and employees have lost their jobs. 


So she decided to rebuild and solved many issues in our Californa such as business, education, all kind of issues in California, and the United States, and give a better place to live for future generations.  

3. Supporting leaders like President Donald Trump for future generations who can fight strong America and rebuilt a solid Christian state


She was very impressed and motivated to supporting president Donald trump who is fighting for God's law and American Justice.  


As the most conservative Republican candidate and serving God as a pastor who studied and practiced conservative theology, she decided to support those who are fighting for God's law and she would continuously support them. 

She believes in this to make God's handwork in our country now and provide a better life to future generations and return the country to a solid Christian state. 


4. Family legacy mission & fight defense of the world peace  


Her grandfather was co-founders of a political party in Korea and run a congress election in 1949, his life dedicated to service to the country but she lost her grandfather during the Korean war and never met him.  


She is always familiar with her grandfather's achievements, and as a politician, she knows her grandfather's desire to work for the country.  So she decided to run to fulfill the spiritual legacy left behind by her grandfather. 

When she is elected, she will fight for world peace to avoid the same accidents happen to the next generation and support South Korea's stability and help the United States defend world peace from the communist nuclear war.

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